Stone carving of angel

We can personalise your memorial with designs that reflect the person being commemorated. We have a vast library of existing designs or for something unique, we can create a bespoke design.

Memorial Types

Headstones and memorials should reflect the people they commemorate and we will do all we can to help you achieve this. The range of materials and designs has greatly increased over the years and making the right choice can be a daunting task. This section illustrates a very small sample of the huge range of high quality memorials available, to see the full range, please view our brochure. A bespoke design service is also available.

Cemetery Memorials

There are many headstone shapes available. The more traditional ones have names taken from architectural forms such as ‘Ogee’, ‘Half-Ogee’ and ‘Peon’. Other popular shapes include ‘Oval’, ‘Square’, ‘Round’ and Half-Round’ but many more contemporary shapes are also available. For all of the memorials shown, materials, designs and ornamentation can be interchangeable.

dark grey granite ogee headstone with gold roses
black granite offset peon headstone with sandblasted rose design
dark grey granite ornate topped headstone with pin line and bow front
cera grey granite headstone with carved rose design

Rustic and Hand Carved Memorials

Our rustic and hand carved memorials can be manufactured in any material, with all ornaments and designs being interchangeable.

tropical green granite headstone with celtic cross
bahama blue granite rounded headstone with angel
flint grey granite gothic shaped headstone with rose design
dark grey granite half round headstone with pitched sides

Churchyard Memorials

A range of memorials designed especially for churchyards, whereby strict rules and regulations apply. Most granite headstones and memorials erected in

cemeteries are highly polished however churchyards will

specify a matt, honed finish or the use of softer natural stones such as those shown in this section.

beige sandstone gothic matt honed headstone
abbey grey headstone with pin line and cross
brenna stone deep ogee headstone with carved dove
brenna stone curved headstone with carved floral spray

Book and Heart Style Memorials

There are a range of memorials available in the shape of a heart or an open book, but most churchyards will not permit these.

black granite closed book memorial
black granite open book memorial
bahama blue granite heart and angel memorial
black granite heart and flowers memorial

Individual Memorials

Where regulations allow, we will work with your ideas to produce something truly original.

classical designed memorial in contrasting granite
black granite ogee shaped headstone with carved keyboard
white marble carved football headstone
black granite carved, etched and painted memorial

Children's Memorials

We are able to offer a range of memorials specifically designed for children.

granite fully carved mother and child memorial
black granite double arch headstone and kerb set
dark grey granite carved 'patch' teddy and star memorial

Cremation Tablets and Memorials

There is a range of smaller memorials available to mark the resting place of cremated remains.

black granite classic vase and tablet design
classic dark grey granite tablet with gold pin line design
black granite classic desk tablet with moulded edges


Grave vases come in different shapes and sizes, most of which can be engraved with a small inscription.

dark grey granite square vase with moulded corners
abbey grey granite square vase with check top and base
silver grey granite turned vase
black granite vase with shadow punched portrait

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